14 Litre
Autoclave general 3

Tonsor 14 Litre Autoclave

2,050.00 ex VAT

Versatile 14 Litre capacity vacuum autoclave.  Conforms to EN13060 standard.


Pre-vacuum system ensures an effective air removal from the chamber.  Vacuum to -.90bar.

Process is controlled by LCD display

Different programs for your clinics needs, 8 B-type sterilization programs, 2 test programs.

Separate steam generator.

Optional integrated thermal printer

Automatic water feed and drainage systems.



The following programs are included:      POROUS  134°C,       HOLLOW    134°C,      WRAPPED    134°C,      SOLID  134°C,     POROUS 121°C,    HOLLOW 121°C,    WRAPPED 121°C,     PRION 134°C

Chamber dimension (Φ*depth)       25 *28cms

Chamber capacity                                 14 Litres

Overall size                                            48*48*42

Heater                                                     1200W

Weight                                                    37.5 Kgs

Power supply                                        230V

Sterilise temperature                         121°C/132°C

Water Tank                                          Internal

Instrument Container                       3 Trays.